"I know what things are good: friendship and work and conversation. These I shall have."
-Rupert Brooke

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter sweetness...

Just some things I have been obsessing about this Easter season...

I am not a huge fan of peeps, however anything covered in chocolate deserves a fair shot....

Pretty much the sole reason I go down the "Holiday" aisle this time of year.... AND only 190 calories in one of these small packages!!! WINNING! :)

This cake from i am baker is so gorgeous I don't know if I could even eat it..... hahaha- who am I kidding?

And last but not least I hope we all remember the reason for this season, our Lord and Savior. He suffered, died, and was buried for our sins and our salvation. Please remember to give thanks this week for the ULTIMATE sacrifice and celebrate the most glorious day of the year- HE IS RISEN!

Happy Easter Loves!

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