"I know what things are good: friendship and work and conversation. These I shall have."
-Rupert Brooke

Monday, November 22, 2010

giving, THANKS

it's that time of year when everyone starts to reflect on their life and say what they are thankful for and i for one have MANY thanks to give.

{i am thankful for...}

my LORD and my salvation
my amazing and strong parents who are dealing with hardships they have not had in a long time, and with such determination
my loving sister (and BIL) who is always by my side and there to talk whenever i need her
my wonderful brother (and SIL) who is an inspiration as a father and husband
my spunky niece and two nephews who make me want to have kids of my own someday
my inspiring grandmothers who are 82 and 92 and i can still have hour long conversations with them and i know they are always so proud of me and my choices
my best friend, Jeremy who has stuck with me for 7 years now and will always have my back
my new found home at the austin stone church and my new lovely friends where i can be myself and worship with some really amazing people
my job where i might be unhappy sometimes but i am lucky to have the work environment that i do and to still have a job in this tough economy
my friends from college and high school who are always there for me and i cherish having so many. i sometimes forget how many amazing people i have met over the past 10 years
my family friends, the mccarthy's who have gone through so much heartache and trial this year- i am thankful i have them in my life to remind me of how precious life is
my new friend Ang who has quickly become my go-to gal pal and i'm so happy to finally have a girlfriend again, i've missed it

i'm sure i am forgetting a lot of other important things, but these things are on my mind every day and i am forever grateful that each one of these people and these things are in my life. i am truly blessed.

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