"I know what things are good: friendship and work and conversation. These I shall have."
-Rupert Brooke

Friday, August 6, 2010

Lazy days

To say that I have been unmotivated lately would be a huge understatement. I usually revel in the thought of setting up a new space. It usually comes with the territory of the whole designer thing. USUALLY. I can't seem to get there this time. I don't know what it is about this new apartment but I can't seem to want to unpack! I think it might have started because I was still transitioning and feeling weird about the situation, but I think it has turned into clutter empathy. I figure if I can live like this, what's the point of spending time unpacking? I guess I figure I have no one coming over these days, so why make my place look pretty. That sounds so depressing, yet for some strange reason... it isn't. I wish it was unpacked and pretty, but I have no desire to get it there! CRAZY- I KNOW!

ANYWHO. This weekend (for once) I have nothing going on but a quick shopping trip with Momma on Saturday to pick out my dear friend Amber's baby shower present. This weekend I will get it done. I will unpack. My dog will love that she can actually walk around. I will hang my art and photos on the walls. I will.

Check back Monday friends. Here's hoping. Happy Friday!!!!

p.s. Bon Iver on Pandora will get you so relaxed and ready for the weekend. DO IT. DO IT!

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